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Inaugural Staff and Faculty Meeting Marks the Birth of Open University of Kenya

Inaugural Staff and Faculty Meeting Marks the Birth of Open University of Kenya

In a landmark kickoff for the Open University of Kenya (OUK), the first-ever staff and faculty meeting
was held on Thursday 2 nd November, 2023. The meeting was a significant moment for staff, marking the
beginning of a transformative journey and the birth of an institution that is poised to reshape higher
education in Kenya.
OUK achieved a major milestone in August 2023 when it received its charter as a public university. The
anticipation has been building among the University community, as plans for official operations gear up
towards 30 th November, 2023, when over 1,000 pioneer students shall embark on their academic journeys.
The Acting Vice Chancellor, Prof. Elijah Omwenga, a distinguished figure in the field of Computer
Science (Information Systems), extended a warm and inspiring welcome to all staff members during the
virtual meeting. With vision and determination, Prof. Omwenga articulated the mission of OUK,
emphasizing the delivery of high-quality education that is not only flexible but also accessible to a diverse
range of students.
The meeting served as a pivotal orientation and onboarding session for the staff, many of whom were
seconded by the Ministry of Education from various universities across Kenya. During the meeting, Vice
Chancellor clarified the roles and responsibilities of each staff member, providing a clear roadmap for
their positions within OUK and ensuring a seamless transition into their new roles.
“As pioneer staff, we are thrilled to be part of this journey that promises to revolutionize higher education
in Kenya. OUK's focus on accessibility and quality education aligns with our core values, and our
commitment to making this vision a reality is unwavering.” he said.
The birth of the Open University of Kenya is not just a historical moment; it's a testament to the
dedication to accessible and quality higher education. The OUK community stands united and ready to
contribute to the success and to be a beacon of hope for learners across the nation and beyond.

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The Open University of Kenya (OUK) is a virtual learning institution deeply committed to advancing education and driving socio-economic growth within Kenya and beyond. Access to higher education has remained a major challenge in Kenya and this has disadvantaged citizens who seek to improve their knowledge, upscale skills and for posterity. Experts have noted that increasing the number of educational institutions so as to match the rate of population growth is an extremely difficult if not impossible solution especially when financial and other resource constraints are considered. Open and Distance Learning approaches, coupled with innovative ICT solutions, have proofed viable alternatives to providing excellent education to millions of people located wherever and whenever by different life circumstances.