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About OUK Library

Our Library

A “library is the heart of an institution” as echoed by India’s second president Radhakrishnan and when it comes to an institution of higher learning, the library plays a vital role as an essential component of learning process, research, administration and social responsiveness. Libraries play a critical role in the world’s educational and informational infrastructure, providing access to knowledge and academic resources. Libraries are also popular destinations for those seeking knowledge and leisure-time activities, and they often host book discussions and other community events. Through books, films, recordings, and other media, libraries offer a wealth of information to a diverse range of users, including students, scholars, scientists, teachers, business leaders and government officials.


To be Kenya’s premier university information hub of choice among the top university libraries in the country, providing inclusive environments for accessing, sharing and producing knowledge.


To advance the OUKs Vision through: enabling access to extensive collections of information sources support for intuitive discovery of information sources for learning, teaching & research embracing and nurturing of digital literacies for lifelong learning digitization, curation and showcasing of primary research data and research outputs of the OUK providing integrated, inclusive and inspiring library spaces for learning, teaching and research.

Core Values

Appreciating the complexities of the ever-changing information landscape, competitiveness, we continuously innovate to provide the most relevant mix of physical and virtual information transfer environments, competent and friendly staff, enabling technologies and a service ethos to: Meet the needs of OUK Library users inspires us Promote open access to information Facilitate equitable access to collections and services Promote different viewpoints and cultures that reflect the diversity of our community Uphold the principles of free and open inquiry, respect for intellectual property rights, and privacy protection.



The Open University of Kenya (OUK) is a virtual learning institution deeply committed to advancing education and driving socio-economic growth within Kenya and beyond. Access to higher education has remained a major challenge in Kenya and this has disadvantaged citizens who seek to improve their knowledge, upscale skills and for posterity. Experts have noted that increasing the number of educational institutions so as to match the rate of population growth is an extremely difficult if not impossible solution especially when financial and other resource constraints are considered. Open and Distance Learning approaches, coupled with innovative ICT solutions, have proofed viable alternatives to providing excellent education to millions of people located wherever and whenever by different life circumstances.