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OUK VC Joins USAID at Global Education Conference in Washington DC

OUK VC attending the USAID Global Education Conference at Washington DC with PS-Basic Education, USAID-KE Country Director and other colleagues. Over 500 participants from across the globe discussing issues on Expanding accessibility, Quality, internationalisation, curriculum and research co-design and localisation, inclusivity and aligning with national priorities. High quality evidence based presentations being made. Noting that Teacher Training Programmes on Technology Integration is a key component in implementing quality education.

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The Open University of Kenya (OUK) is a virtual learning institution deeply committed to advancing education and driving socio-economic growth within Kenya and beyond. Access to higher education has remained a major challenge in Kenya and this has disadvantaged citizens who seek to improve their knowledge, upscale skills and for posterity. Experts have noted that increasing the number of educational institutions so as to match the rate of population growth is an extremely difficult if not impossible solution especially when financial and other resource constraints are considered. Open and Distance Learning approaches, coupled with innovative ICT solutions, have proofed viable alternatives to providing excellent education to millions of people located wherever and whenever by different life circumstances.